Grammy Award winning record producer L.A. Reid has called Chris Rene “one of the special ones.” A former trash collector from Santa Cruz, 29 year-old Chris is now cleaning up house as an artist who just signed with Reid’s Epic Records. Chris is also now part of the Gable Heart Beats Foundation, a non-profit organization whose community of musicians, athletes, entertainers, and influencers raises awareness of heart diseases and helps save lives. With a motto to “LOVE LIFE,” Chris Rene’s flourishing music career and worldwide influence on young people is a perfect fit for Gable Heart Beats.

America was introduced to Chris Rene during the first season of The X Factor, a television talent show produced by former American Idol judge Simon Cowell. Chris touched the hearts of the show’s audience with his story of overcoming drug addiction and choosing to use his music as a way to improve the lives of others, especially his son. In his debut performance on The X Factor, Chris sang one of his original pieces, called “Young Homie.” In it he proclaims to “let this music heal like an overture…that’s how it’s supposed to be, living life with loved ones close to me.” Many of his loved ones are also musicians: His grandfather is the late composer Leon René, whose hits included “Rockin’ Robin,” and his father is the late musician and songwriter Googie Rene.

In late January of this year, he met the Foundation’s Executive Director, Amy Mayo. She and Board member Michelle Gable took their children to see Chris perform in Santa Cruz. “I’d be honored to support Gable Heart Beats,” Chris shared with them, “If I can save just one life by educating my fans on maintaining a healthy heart, it would make my [career’s] purpose that much greater.” Chris will keep good company in the Gable Heart Beats Community.
He joins the likes of NBA basketball alums Bo Kimble and Ronny Turiaf, songwriter Pete Moore of Smokey Robinson and The Miracles fame, in addition to American Idol finalist Andrew Garcia and winner Lee DeWyze.

The Gable Heart Beats team works all over the globe to raise funds that put defibrillators in US schools and provide access to low-fee heart screenings. The Foundation was inspired by the life and music of Michael Gable, who died of Sudden Cardiac Arrest at age 38, as a result of having Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). Michael was a scholar-athlete, as well as a musician. Michael’s band, Segue, produced a posthumous release of the album One Race Human, to share his music and push these efforts forward.

“You can’t help but smile when you are in his presence,” said Mayo, “His energy and love of life is infectious. Chris has a tremendous spirit and a genuine desire to help others and give back. He is a perfect representation of the Gable Heart Beats Foundation and its Community.”
L.A. Reid was right: Chris is one of the special ones.

Learn more about Chris Rene at and follow him on Twitter @MrChrisRene. Make a donation and download the album One Race Human by visiting Twitter users can follow the Gable Heart Beats Foundation @GableHeartBeats.