macklemore_picGable Heart Beats is honored to have support from Grammy winner, Macklemore.

In an effort to raise awareness during National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month, Macklemore is supporting Gable Heart Beats and wearing our custom GHB dog tag necklace.

Proceeds from our GHB jewelry line and all donations will help fund high school heart screenings.

The screenings will take place in Washington and Southern California areas with our partners, Nick of Time Foundation and Heartfelt Cardiac Projects. In addition, proceeds will help fund our partner organization, 44 for Life, for ongoing CPR training and AED placement in schools and communities.

For more information about upcoming heart screenings and AED/CPR training, please visit:

Nick of Time:

Heartfelt Projects:

44 for Life:

Youth and family heart screenings, CPR training, and AEDs in our schools and communities, will save lives!

A huge thank you to Macklemore for helping us raise awareness and educate about Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the #1 killer in the US.